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Esculpta USA : Save 15% on all purchases

It's that jolly time of year again! Stuff his stocking this holiday with an exquisite piece from Esculpta USA. Save 15% on all purchases at from now through December 25th! (Discount will automatically be applied at checkout)

If you're inspired by simplicity but passionate for indulgence, then the intimate character of the Esculpta collection carries a few pleasant surprises for you! Each mens jewelry design featured in Esculpta online store has been crafted in limited quantities to complement a lifestyle of freedom and originality.

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Celebrate SF Pride With Esculpta

Celebrate SF Pride with Legendary Cock Rings from Esculpta! Drop by and see us in the Castro at San Francisco’s 42nd annual Pride Celebration and Parade on June 23rd & 24th.

All of our stunning, handmade, designer cock rings will be on display and for sale at special SF Pride prices. Flirt with our models, who’ll be wearing decadently designed under wear by Viseau, and see if they might give you a peak at which cock-ring they’re wearing… See you there.

A History of C-Rings


The cock ring has undergone few changes or innovations in its 2000+ year history. Early Chinese examples made of everything from the eyelids of a goat (yes, goat eyelids) to ivory & jade    were worn primarily for sexual enhancement and secondarily for aesthetic adornment. Cock rings fashioned from animal skins, beads and stone appear across time and geography and all served a similar purpose.    Eventually, several centuries later, steel, leather and rubber straps, each with its own take on the function and benefit appeared on the scene.    From ancient China to the sex shops of 1970’s Times Square, the basic form and function of the cock ring has remained quite unchanged, but for a brief period inspired by sexual repression. For some time, cock rings were designed with the purpose of preventing erections and sexual exploits by inflicting pain with spikes or constriction.    In quite a wonderful ironic twist that befits our subject matter so perfectly, these implements of pain have since been repurposed and embraced as, well, implements of pain…

While beautiful and inspired, cock rings throughout history have nonetheless been mostly functional in purpose. Furthermore, their functionality has been limited by single size or notched sizing, making the perfect fit nearly impossible to find. Sadly, in today’s consumer-centric, mass production world, cock rings have become just another uninspired, run of the mill, $30 and under sex toy.

Esculpta USA has done something to change this. With the most significant innovation in the cock ring’s 2000 year history, Esculpta’s collection has married form and function in perfectly size adjustable,  high end designer cock rings. With beautiful precious materials and an ingenious custom sizing system, Esculpta has done for the cock ring what Fendi did for the canvas sac. No longer are men limited to cheap, banal, purely utilitarian cock rings. Hand crafted in small batches in Athens, Greece, Esculpta cock rings elevate the whole experience of intimate style.    Join the movement. Find your piece at Esculpta USA.