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Nukleus : Sustainable Comfort

Nukleus Underwear 00

Have you been looking for alternative underwear that could help save the environment and look good at the same time? Locating such items is difficult as the idea still seems rather foreign to many of us. We have heard so much about recycling waste such as used paper and plastic bottles but it was not easy to find an accessible option especially when it comes to men’s underwear.

With Nukleus however, the modern man can now look good, feel great and go green all at one go. Each Nukleus product is made from the finest eco-materials such as organic cotton and Lenzing Tencel and manufactured under environmentally friendly and socially responsible conditions. The designs are hip and aesthetically pleasing, with each product embodying the fusion of mystical Asian charm and sophisticated sensuousness.

All core components of Nukleus are certified Oeko-tex Standard 100, the world’s highest standard for human ecological safety. Perfect for all-day wear, Nukleus underwear is hypoallergenic and won’t cause any skin irritation.

As a brand with a mission, Nukleus hopes to empower consumers to make educated and ethical choices about the clothes they wear next to their skin, and to make a stand for their health, the environment and social justice by purchasing organically produced underwear.

With Nukleus, you no longer need to sacrifice style to live green.

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