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Hugo Boss Black Campaign

Hugo Boss Black campaign with supermodel Lars Burmeister.

Hugo Boss Orange Trunk

Hugo Boss made sporty the new stylish, and the Hugo Boss Orange Boxer Brief lends this classic style a modern, athletic update.

First off, this trunk is all about comfort. Stretch cotton feels soft and smooth against your skin and keeps its shape through wear and washing. The racing stripe detail may make this trunk look sporty, but the long length actually protects against chafing and rubbing, so you can layer it under workout wear when cycling and spinning.

Count on the Hugo Boss Orange Boxer Brief to give you all the comfort and style you need for everyday underwear that makes a statement.

Hugo Boss Men’s Underwear

If you like simple yet stylish clothing, Hugo Boss underwear for men will be right at home in your wardrobe. Many of today's designer underclothes revel in trendiness and unconventional fashion, but you can be fashion-forward without being avantgarde when you choose underwear from this designer. Just as Hugo Boss clothing and shoes are famous for offering men upscale and sophisticated fashion, so too does their underwear.

Whether you like boxers or briefs, the Hugo Boss collection has what you need. Not created to draw attention but rather to reflect subtle chicness. You don't have to worry about them being too plain, however, as their cut keeps them contemporary and attractive.

If you are venturing into the world of designer underwear for the first time, having been previously satisfied with discount brands typically purchased in a multi-pack quantity, you'll be able the tell the difference between those cheap brands of underwear and designer ones the moment you slip into a Hugo Boss. Furthermore, as the day progresses, the difference will become even clearer. Designer men's underwear are immediately more comfortable, and the fit lasts throughout the day.