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Swim Practice by Renie Saliba

Editorial entitled "Swim Practice" photographed by Renie Saliba featuring models Emilio Flores, Monty Hooper and Alexander Van Ballaer.

Swim Practice by Renie Saliba 01

Swim Practice by Renie Saliba 02

Swim Practice by Renie Saliba 09

NIT Swimwear Collection

NIT campaign for the latest swimwear collection.

nit swimwear 14 10 013

nit swimwear 14 10 015

nit swimwear 14 10 014


Who wants to bag some extra Halloween fun this fall? Here's a frightfully sweet offer you can't refuse. Right now, everyone ordering at International Jock will receive a FREE surprise gift! It might be a sexy pair of men's underwear or men's swimwear, a jockstrap, a handsome T-shirt -- they're giving out all sorts of TREATS to help spice up your underwear drawer. There's no minimum order size and no limit to how many different orders you place; you'll receive a gift every time!

But hurry: just like the "good house" on the block when Trick-or-Treating, quantities are limited, so don't limp along at a zombie's pace. Haunt around at International Jock, make an order, and a FREE gift will follow you home.

International Jock Halloween Sale 2014