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UnderGear : Thierry Pepin

UnderGear catalog featuring model Thierry Pepin wearing Extreme and Gabriel Grey underwear collections.


Just when you thought that your deepest fantasies were well hidden, GREGG HOMME proves once again that they definitively have access to your secret garden. Their latest video campaign is taking you beyond the limits of provocative lust with some visits not only tainted with voyeurism and action but also tailored to your own taste and orientation.

The Thierry Pepin's fan will be happy to view on screen what they have been secretly fancying in their wildest dream: Thierry in action that is. So sit back, select the story that suits you most, and enjoy this outrageously guilty pleasure.


Gregg Homme : Most Outrageously Sexy Trailer

May 2012 will mark the worldwide launch of GREGG HOMME's latest video campaign: in the past years, they have been rewriting the way underwear brands entertain their fans and the next season will not be an exception. Everyone is now aware that Thierry Pepin is the model of that new campaign: what we don't know yet is how far he will go satisfy your quest for fantasies.

GREGG HOMME is releasing a trailer of the upcoming video campaign: in the past seasons, fans were brought into an underground parking, then into a chic hotel and finally to a wild group get-together. It looks like the fans will now be invited to enter Thierry's private quarters...where he seems to have a lot to offer, for the eyes and more. But an image is worth a thousand words so sit back and just click on the image below to get a glimpse of what definitively is the Most Outrageously Sexy Trailer...ever!


Click on the images below to get a better view. Stay tuned as the May 2012 Official Video Launch will unveil a story that will have you reshuffle your personal fantasies priority list.