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Review : Jake Joseph Trunk

By Keith

I received a pair of black XL underwear from Jake Joseph a few days ago. They come in a crisp, white slide open box that reminds me of iPhone packaging. It felt “Special”. I wore them for a whole day and have to say that they are Extremely comfortable. Jake Joseph Trunk are a blend of 95% bamboo and 5% Spandex. I haven’t worn anything made of bamboo yet, so I had my doubts. Ignorantly, I kind of thought the whole bamboo thing to be just another overrated fad or gimmick. Man, was I wrong. I have now seen the light!

Not only is Bamboo a sustainable natural fiber with many beneficial qualities, it is extremely soft, flexible and comfortable. I think of it as the best combination of both cotton and silk. It is so thin yet luxurious that, like silk, you think it will be too clingy and sweat-inducing…. but they are not. For me they are surprisingly breathable and don’t find them sticking to me even after sitting at the computer for several hours straight. That’s saying a lot.

Additionally, Jake Joseph makes sure that their underwear is actually the size they are labeled. In other words, an XL is truly an extra-large by underwear standards. Not being a gym rat, I have a normal man’s 38” waist as I'm 6'8" tall. So finding a nice pair of “luxury” trunks that fit tightly without squashing is a huge plus. And these do just that. They hug your body, make you look and feel great no matter what your body type. The pouch is shaped great and stretches to fit your body appropriately. All this while also being super comfortable enough for me to never want to be without them. I am going to order several more pairs right away.

The only downside is that I find myself having to pull down the legs through out the day as they tend to ride up. I think this is because the leg bands are so narrow and rounded. If they made them fatter and flat, that might help. I’m not a clothes designer, but just a thought. This is only a minor inconvenience and the positives outweigh this niggling point by miles and miles.

These trunks come in black and white and cost $37 at Jake Joseph.

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