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Introducing Amazing Photographer – Kevin Slack

Photographer Kevin Slack is giving to Men's Underwear World an extensive look at one of his photography project from Cuba featuring model - Jorge Luis.

"Cuba seduces me. Not just the men, although they shine brighter and blaze hotter, with their strength and their vulnerability too, with their unabashed and unapologetic sexuality. Not just the men, Cuba seduces me. It's stripped down and laid bare and hewn roughly from history.

Is it Cuba's very public living theater? Is it the sea salt in the air or the diesel congestion? Is it the tropical sun? Is it the music? Is it the wandering whispering spirits of history through the crumbling labyrinth? But the best seduction doesn't need to explain itself. It only needs to work. And it works. I am seduced.

And I am urgent too. For me, Cuba feels like the end of a lucid dream. You are aware that you are dreaming but you feel waking coming. Cuba needs to change. But I fear that the Cuba I love, the Cuba I want to love, will not survive change. And so I travel and I work urgently. Seduction and urgency collide and push together and push forward. For now." - Kevin Slack

More of Kevin's amazing images at "Kevin Slack Photography"

"Jorge Luis Goes to Santa Maria.
Driving out of Havana to Santa Maria just before dusk, the skies were dark and cloudy for the first time in days. But, glory, just as we were arriving at the beach, the skies cleared. And, gratefully we had the beach, often very crowded, to ourselves."

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