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From Dolce & Gabbana men’s underwear collection.

This is one of my favorites pictures from Dolce & Gabbana men's underwear collection.

This ad for D&G men's underwear is interesting on a number of different levels. After viewing many men's underwear ads I came to the realization that this type of ad is not typical, and that fact alone caused me to stop and analyze it.

Men in underwear ads are rarely ever placed next to under scantily clad men. There is a rule in our society that makes it visually appealing and acceptable for women to be naked next to each other, but not for men. However there is a recent trend, particularly in regards to high fashion, for advertising to move more towards the homo-erotic route. But it still should be noted that none of these men are in any submissive or feminine poses. They are all either standing with their whole bodies forwards in stances of authority with hands on hips, or they are clearly not in positions of servitude. They are all staring straight forward into the camera, and none are looking at or even touching each other. So while this could be considered a little homo-erotic, in actuality it is not too far from an ad that we would see with just one of the male models in it.

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