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Meet Josh Kloss: The Hot Guy in Katy Perry’s Video “Teenage Dream”

You've seen him - and, admit it, drooled over that body - in Katy Perry's video for "Teenage Dream" but there's more to a man than his six-pack. So, just who is this hot-looking guy steaming up the small screen? He's Josh Kloss: An actor, (he appeared on several episodes of The O.C. in 2003), model and a musician.

Scott Hoover Photography.

Zac Efron on the Beach

I can't say that I am a huge Efron fan. But one thing I have to admit - the boy looks GOOD in swimming trunks! He's definitely got a body on him. And that is enough to land him here.

Matthew Herrick in Black Go Software Briefs.

When you see a really hot guy in a commercials do you wonder how he looks like in his underwear? Matthew Herrick is one of those talented actors, models who is always working and stays in good shape. You can see some of his commercials and pictures on his Website.

Here’s Matthew Herrick in black Go Software briefs. The only thing sexier than this guy’s face is his body.