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Braxton’s Weekly Underwear Report: Ricky Gervais shows off his gold underwear

By Braxton

Hello Everybody! Happy third week of 2011!

I hope it has been a great year for everyone. I am enjoying it so far. I went to a Men at Work underwear party last week all decked out as a Construction worker. I had the hat, belt, timberlands, gloves, glasses, reflective vest and wife beater yet was missing the pants!

I was going to wear a hot pair of briefs to show off but thought “is this really what a construction worker would wear?” So instead I wore a pair of Hanes tighty whities which along with the wife beater were torn and filthy!

And my friend went as a cop, it was great! Anyway enough about me, let’s see what’s going on this week in underwear news:

UPDATE: UBS Dress Code Revised:

In my first ever weekly report, posted January 1st, I told you about the USB banks crazy 44 page dress code for their employees that even dictated what kind of underwear they should wear.

Well, due to much criticism they have revised it and I have heard now men are once again free to wear the underwear of their choice. A victory for underwear freedom!

Sam Attwater’s Boxer Tan Line:

Sam Attwaters Boxer Tan Line

Sam Attwater, the English actor from the British soap the East Enders – now more commonly known for his appearance on Dancing on Ice – has admitted the first time he went to get a spray tan he wore boxers and ended up with a horrific boxer tan line. So now he has stated “next time I’ll be wearing something a lot smaller”. Let that be a lesson for you men.

Used Underwear Ban:

Used Underwear Ban

The Rwanda Bureau of Standards has placed a ban on the selling of used underwear. The reasons including health are that they don’t want the country to become a dumping ground for substandard products.

So men you’ll have to find a new place to sell your used underwear. By the way I have a few if you want to buy them.

Underwear App for iTunes:

Yes an app called “My Undies” is now available; however it’s designed for children ages 2 and up. It includes 4 games, one in which you design underwear patterns, a match the undies to the cuddly creature game, feed underwear to the monster and a memory game. I want it!

Get the underwear app here.

Calvin Klein Collection Commercial:

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Collection Commercial

CK has had some great ads in underwear and fashion over the years and have pioneered the field in many ways. This past week they did something new. Sunday, during the Golden Globes, Calvin Klein released its first full collection commercial featuring underwear model Tyson Ballou and a female co-star.

The collective commercial showcased the spring 2011 collection with items from sunglasses to furniture and of course underwear. I guess it’s a cheaper way to advertise everything at once rather that all items individually.

Hang Your Underwear on the Statue:

Legendary cricket umpire Dickie Bird is up in arms with what has been happening to a statue erected in his honor. Apparently it has become the custom to hang your underwear off his raised right hand, along with a few other things.

Dickie, 77, has taken his complaints to the city counsel in his home town of Barnsley, home of the statue. Underwear on a statue, I may have to try that.

Ricky Gervais is Gold:

Ricky Gervais wears gold underwear

Hollywood is not too happy with Ricky’s controversial, yet mostly honest, comments he made about the industry and its stars during their self-glorifying Golden Globes.

However, before the show Gervais visited the Ellen show where he said he only wears his ellen undies for special occasions. So Ellen gave Ricky a custom pair of Golden pants which he wore and posed for a picture that Ellen posted.

I have to say Mr. Office man looks pretty good.

The Week in Underwear Crime:

Again with this stinking Underwear Bomber! Enough! Now he’s being forced into court, I am not going into anymore details because I’m done with him. However there are some other things that have been going wrong with underwear.

Underwear Thief:

Underwear Thief

While 24 year old kayaker Tim Taylor (not from Home Improvement) was 6 weeks into his 5500KM 6 month solo trek around New Zealand he found himself up a creek without a paddle or underwear.

While he was sleeping thieves came in and took vital equipment he needed for his trip and as he said “they even took my dirty, wet undies… I couldn’t believe it… I can’t imagine why they would want to touch them”.

Looking at Taylors picture I think I would want to touch them. However this adventurer is continuing his journey and enjoys the break from his job as a tractor driver.

Underwear Battery:

A man in Lynn, Massachusetts was found assaulting another man on the bathroom floor of his apartment only wearing his underwear.

The victim was drinking with his friend, the assailant, when he admitted to having dated his sister. Whether the man was already in his underwear while drinking with his buddy or was stripped somehow I do not know, but I am intrigued.


I have to say the most outstanding picture of a man in underwear I have seen this week goes to Rick Gervais. I have to admit I am impressed with how he pulled this off.

You would imagine that he would be comical in underwear as many people find humor in a man in underwear. However, Ricky made this look quite sexy and I think he may have a new image here… Yummy!

Ricky Gervais in golden Ellen underwear

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