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Downtown – the most outrageous collection to date by Gregg Homme

Gregg Homme has launched its new collection ‘Downtown’. It is the sexiest collection they’ve ever made and once you feast your eyes on it- you will wholeheartedly agree. It explores a multitude of complex fabrics and detailing that truly put the man’s best body part at the forefront. The A/W 2014 Collection exceeds expectations and surpasses limitations by pushing the boundaries of what we have come to know as sexy men’s underwear.

The new collection is outrageous indeed. The underwear is provocative and daring, with some styles like Lover-Boy and Heatwave featuring bright and eclectic colors and other styles such as Dare and City Limit that emit a more underground and urban vibe. Your intrigue will be sparked with the Encore collection and the stunning European fabric it features that leaves you wanting more. Ardent and Pool Party are the best swimwear lines that Gregg Homme has ever created, further proving the innovation behind this new collection.

But perhaps the most striking style in this collection is the Nude. Made from an 8-way stretch material, this line features underwear that fits your package like a glove and reveals every curve, contour and crease. It is extremely thrilling to the eye and even more so to the touch- the comfort aspect in this style is impeccable. Gregg Homme’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize the men’s underwear market and this new collection does exactly that.


GREGG HOMME  Underwear Downtown Collection 007

GREGG HOMME  Underwear Downtown Collection 002

GREGG HOMME  Underwear Downtown Collection 009

GREGG HOMME  Underwear Downtown Collection 005

Gigo Underwear And Swimwear

Gigo campaign for the latest underwear and swimwear collection featuring Felipe H.

gigo-underwear-12- 14- 04

gigo-underwear-12- 14- 06

Modus Vivendi : Masai Line

Just in time for Christmas, Modus Vivendi presents the fifth part of its latest campaign for 2015 in which each line from its new collection is individually presented by a selected photographer renowned for his outstanding talent and unique style.

So far we have visited four destinations (England, USA, Greece and Spain) and this time Modus Vivendi take you to France, a country synonymous with fashion and good taste and incidentally one of the brand’s strongest markets. Not to be missed! Here we take a trip to southerly Aix-en-Provence, close to the Mediterranean and home to photographer Lionel André.

This outstanding artist worked with models James Laurens and Kylani’ As Model, who strongly portray masculine ideals in their presentation of this new line of underwear and athletic loungewear, the Masai line. Dramatic and powerful, André’s shots bring us a blast of heat in the midst of winter. Brilliant colours and one of the most iconic of photographic themes, the sea, take a leading role.

With designs inspired by the Masai warriors of Kenya, the new apparel comes in true reds and black and includes favourite items such as the two styles of briefs and boxers, the langot and saruel pants, all in new colours and fabrics. The line offers also a robe, a brand new t-shirt design and lounge pants, all made of the highest quality materials and offering tremendous comfort.

Visit : Modus Vivendi | Lionel André

Modus Vivendi Masai Underwear 02

Modus Vivendi Masai Underwear 06

Modus Vivendi Masai Underwear 01