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Pump! Underwear 2017 Collection

Pump! promotional campaign for the latest 2017 underwear collection.

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Genius Underwear

Genius underwear campaign entitled "Evolution".

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“Made in the USA” Sale at International Jock Supports American Brands

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Save money, celebrate America and support U.S. businesses and jobs at International Jock during their “Made in the USA” Sale! For a limited time, popular men’s clothing brands which are manufactured in the USA are 25% off. Your clothing says a lot about you, but did you think to check the label? Where your underwear and swimwear is made makes a big difference, and what better time than Independence Day to buy domestic?

International Jock carries brands from all over the world but has always made it a point to seek out and support U.S. manufacturers. With hot-selling men’s swimwear brands like N2N Bodywear, American Jock, Go Softwear, Sauvage, Marco Marco and LA Sporting Club, International Jock’s “Made in the USA” sale makes it easier than ever show your patriotism by supporting companies that keep their workers employed right here in the USA.

So head on over to the International Jock “Made in the USA” Sale and remember: when you pull on your favorite American underwear, you’re supporting more than what’s between your legs.

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Made in the USA Sale at International Jock 00 (3)

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