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ES Collection : NEVER BACK DOWN!

ES Collection presents the new Athletic 2013 Campaign NEVER BACK DOWN! Is the most energetic campaign ever seen. This collect natural high quality materials and vintage finishes that redefine a sportswear style. "R&D inspires movement and freedom", says Michel Mesarra and Carmen Mofty from ES Design Department. "It has been the biggest campaign ever undertaken in search of the desire to improve masculine man", says Joan Crisol, official photographer of ES.





Addicted : Pit Stop

Addicted presents campaign entitled "Pit Stop" photographed by Joan Crisol and starring Kirill Dowidoff and Anton Agat.


Addicted is proud to present its first great swimwear collection for 2013. While previously the brand ES collection had presented Addicted swimsuits styles time to time, now they want to surprise you with a complete collection, with designs for all types of audiences, but yes, public Addicted!

Addicted is the little sister of ES Collection, a more youthful, daring and also more affordable, but not because we made cuts in design or quality. Addicted styles are produced with top quality fabrics and presents a simple but fancy designs, flattering and bold colours for this summer. Like its big brother, Addicted is also designed and produced in Barcelona.

ADDICTED TO SWIMWEAR The campaign takes place in a quite summer heat, swimming pool and sand. All three models: Alexander, Alioth and Acorán (already presented by ES Collection in the campaign EL HIERRO) transport us to our best summer dreams where water, sun and sand occupy all our days. All this, of course, registered by the hands of official photographer Joan Crisol.

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