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SUPAWEAR : New Underwear Release

SUPAWEAR introducing a bolder look, by adding 2 new colors black and red to the popular SUPA-FLY collection.

"The SUPA-FLY collection is deliciously designed for a fun day in your underwear. Take flight in our selection of juicy colors, featuring shiny wings on the waistband and contrast pouch rubbings."


Supawear SUPA-Fly 2 014

Supawear SUPA-Fly 2 011

Rufskin : Dionisio Heiderscheid

Rufskin presents photo shoot featuring Dionisio Heiderscheid.




GAY Times : What A Knockout

Gay Times editorial entitled "What A Knockout" featuring Lewis Bloor, photographed by Lee Roberts.

GAY Times What A Knockout 03

GAY Times What A Knockout 02

GAY Times What A Knockout 04