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Pistol Pete is featured in the movie Magic Mike


Pistol Pete Menswear is proud to be featured in the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed release of Magic Mike the movie. In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, costume designer Christopher Peterson explains how the form-fitting custom designs were essential to the characters in the film, “All of the thongs that are out there are just the most ill-fitting, not film worthy things ever. We tried a million different thongs and none of them worked. So we found this great company called Pistol Pete who custom made all of them. They came in and we found fabrics for them, they printed fabrics for me, and everything was custom made, which took away some of that awkwardness with the fittings.”

Director Steven Soderbergh further elaborates to on the costuming by Christopher Peterson and explains Pistol Pete’s key role in fitting and design, “For a patriotic military-themed piece [Christopher] raided an Army Surplus store. But one essential element on which he did not compromise were the thongs, which were custom made in specific fabric and colors, from a company called Pistol Pete. “

To celebrate this accomplishment as they embark on their 15th year of bringing fashion-forward menswear to the masses, and in honor of Independence Day, Pistol Pete will offer all customers 25% off on all Pistol Pete purchases, now through July 8th by using the discount code MAGIC MIKE.

“Being featured in films and on TV, and the overall success of Pistol Pete is due to our amazing customers. I’m thrilled to be able to offer them this discount on our products that they inspire me to design and create,” said designer Peter Diaz of Pistol Pete. “We encourage everyone to stay tuned to our collection as we incorporate Magic Mike inspired looks into future campaigns that will be available to everyone.”

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Pistol Pete : 2012 Swimwear Collection

Pistol Pete presents 2012 swimwear collection featuring model Kenan Engerini, photographed by James Franklin.

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Pistol Pete 2011 Summer Collection

Pistol Pete showcases the complete campaign of male underwear you can rock this summer. This collection features many underwear styles. It means, they are made to serve function and suit an individual’s personality.

Pistol Pete Underwear

Designer Pedro Diaz has always been inspired by Europe's forward fashion trends. Growing up, Pedro loved to create and wear his own, one of a kind, outfits. Always complimented by others and questioned where he purchased his clothing, Pedro quickly realized his passion for clothing design. In 1997, he launched Pistol Pete. Today, Pistol Pete is sold in boutiques and catalogs all over the world!

Pistol Pete latest campaign for their 2011 underwear collection!