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Têtu : Motor Bikers

Têtu Magazine presents editorial entitled “Motor Bikers”, featuring models Cory Bond, Jason Morgan and Eric Bivoino. “Motor Bikers” shot by photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath and styled Nicolas Klam.

Visit : Têtu | Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Photographer Ray John Pila

We’ve already introduced you to beautiful work of photographer Ray John Pila. Back then we featured various images of Jack MacKenroth for Todd and Terry underwear. Today we’d like to bring out another beautiful series. In this series, Ray John Pila presents various shots of a warm summer’s day and a gorgeous model Drew. Each shot is captured perfectly, and this makes each individual photo unique in its own way.

Players Two by Rick Day

“The success of Rick Day’s first photo book Players was enormous. Magazines from all over the world introduced his work to their thrilled readers on covers and in photo spreads. After two years of waiting we are now happy to present you the stunning sequel Players Two.”

Visit : Rick Day