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PhD Underwear (Part 2)

More images from PhD underwear campaign Carwash, photographed by Ryan Steward. If you missed part 1, you can see it here.

PhD Underwear

PhD underwear campaign Carwash with the Evolution Boys, photographed by Ryan Steward.

"PhD is designed with the man in mind. Our finest quality material and exceptional craftsmanship, combined with the latest technology in comfort and profile enhancement, ensured that PhD is the only choice in underwear for men that want to look great."

PhD Men’s Underwear

Some of the features of PhD include:

Adjustment free underwear - with this unique technology, you will not have to adjust your package during the day.

The pouch consists of a pocket that holds everything where it should be and away from your legs.

Enhanced profile - as making you look great is PhD first priority, all underwear will enhance your package and add 2 - 4 cm to your bulge. With a full look, you can wear any pants with confidence.

Style - all underwear has a stylish design that will suit your specific taste. PhD is the ultimate in hot, manly, men's underwear, that will enhance your masculinity and ensures that you can take off your pants with confidence in any situation.

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