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Peter Papenberg Swimwear Collection

Peter Papenberg Swimwear Collection shot by Michael Reh.

There are so many reasons that we are infatuated with Peter Papenberg’s design. Obvious that every Peter Papenberg’s photo series looks amazing, but what also gets us excited is how the designs are so minimal with impeccable, flattering cuts. You will own for years to come and it will never go out of style.

Peter Papenberg’s Underwear

Peter Papenberg makes fashion for the man who is true to himself, the man who acts. For him a solid foundation means being flexible, ­enjoying life, being interested and engaged.

Individuality but not at any cost - he treats himself to the ­special things in life. He is not drawn to glossy superficiality but seeks the authentic - and eschews compromise. Straightforwardness, steadfastness and self-assuredness are his values.