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Oskar Franks: Me-Ism

Oskar Franks has released new campaign for 2012 collection "Me-ism". The brand celebrates Sinatra’s Oscar winning performance in the 1956 film "From Here to Eternity". The underwear is meant to be as timeless as the crooner’s charm while remaining a comfortable option for any occasion. “It’s a lifestyle thing,” suggests the brand’s tagline.

The eery images feature the toned model, Izaak Love, in Oskar Franks underwear from the new collection. Shot by James Demitri, Love is placed in an innocently decorated bedroom; the blue and red lighting combined with Love’s somber expression, however, suggest a sinister backstory reminiscent of the cover of Sinatra’s 1955 album, In the Wee Small Hours. An intentional reference or not, the effect is a compelling and solipsistic set of photos that set the mood for Oskar Franks underwear’s new releases.

Oskar Franks

Introducing Oskar Franks… Australia’s newest Men’s Underwear & Sleepwear label. Inspired by a truly classic man, Frank Sinatra, after winning an Oscar for his performance in the film ‘From Here To Eternity’.

The main goal at Oskar Franks is to provide environmentally sustainable garments for the everyday man.

Whether it’s regular briefs, trunks or boxers for your day-to-day lifestyle, or maybe something extra luxurious for lounging around the house, you’ll find yourself more than mesmerized with what Oskar Franks has to offer.

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