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Marek+Richard : Heartbreaker

Luv Sux but this Valentine's Day doesn't have to thanks to Marek+Richard. M+R's latest release of V-Day essentials will make you swoon and go weak in the knees. Tell your BAE how you really feel with the "Take it Bitch" briefs and the "XOXO" stripe jock. Or release your inner himbo with their new graphic crop tops and snapbacks.

So whether your facebook status is "in a relationship" or you just want to impress your latest phone app hook-up, Marek+Richard' s got your ass covered this Valentine's Day, or maybe not.

Visit : Marek+Richard

Marek+Richard Heartbreaker 01

Marek+Richard Heartbreaker 02

Marek+Richard : The Cabin Fever

Whether you’re cuddling up to watch a slasher flick or getting ready for a weekend in the woods The Cabin Fever Collection from Marek+Richard is sure to keep you warm on those bone-chilling nights.

Inspired by “campy” horror classics, the collection features lightweight slub fabrics and ribbed knits that are breathable and warm. An assortment of heathered colorways paired with antique brass details create a sense of classic masculinity.

Cabin Fever is a Killer collection that’s sure to make you scream! Especially this Halloween.

Marek+Richard Cabin Fever 04

Marek+Richard Cabin Fever 01

Marek+Richard Cabin Fever 06

Marek+Richard : Game Boyz

Marek+Richard recently did a photo-shoot releasing their new collection "Game Boyz" and it features both Seth Knight and Jake Genesis.

Get into the game with Marek+Richard's latest selection inspired by classic arcade themes. The Game Boyz Collection features an electro-funk color scheme with front to back color blocking. The digital side piecing makes the seams pop, and the clear M+R tag adds a final touch of electronic detail. As always, the underwear features a contoured pouch that stores your JOYSTICK in just the right place.

Get yourself a pair before it's GAME OVER.