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L’Homme Invisible : Silver Lining Collection

With this collection of L’Homme Invisible, the focus is on sporty looks, masculine details that enhance the beauty of male anatomy. The silver lines placed on the sides visually sculpt the body. We strongly recommend Silver Lining Singlet and Jockstrap black & Silver of the same theme to complete the look.

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Stuart Reardon for L’Homme Invisible

Stuart Reardon - English professional rugby player currently playing for AS Carcassonne shoots for L'Homme Invisible. He looks amazing in L'Homme Invisible underwear, designed not only to make men look great but a great deal of effort is put in to making each garment very comfortable.

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L’Homme Invisible

L’Homme Invisible is innovative, elegant, avant-garde, and creative underwear styled keeping in mind the male physique. Each style is designed to provide comfort as well as to make you look great. Originally created by French designer Patrice Chevreux in the Eighties, was bought by Sandeep Sahni in 2011. L'Homme Invisible is designer label for men's underwear, swimwear and loungewear.

The finest fabrics are selected from best mills in Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland and garments are made in European Union bringing out the best of Europe.

The Colors, Prints, innovation have been the guiding lines of L’homme Invisible collections ever since the creation of the brand. Each L’Homme Invisible underwear is studied to its minutest detail; all the seams are brought to strict minimum to follow the shape of the body without hampering the body movement.

A true L’homme Invisible man is a well cultured, well travelled person with taste for quality and extravagance. He wears what he feels is right for him and not what the world dictates to him. A man with lot of self-assurance, confidence, who has it all and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

L’Homme Invisible is above all a passion for the product and “feel good” spirit, and will continue to innovate for the comfort and elegance of men.

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