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HOT Impetus Underwear Collection 2016

HOT Impetus presents Spring/Summer 2016 underwear collection, featuring Stefan Pollman.

HOT Impetus Underwear Collection 16 03

HOT Impetus Underwear Collection 16 06

HOT Impetus Underwear Collection 16 04

Impetus : 2014 Swimwear Collection

Welcome on board! Get the look and you're ready to set sail towards a stylish summer.

Impetus campaign for the 2014 swimwear collection.




Impetus : Fall/Winter 2013/14 Underwear Collection

A new image is what Impetus is proposing for this 2013/14 Fall/Winter season. After seasons of taking the same approach, the brand is moving further out with a modern, urban image that is optimistic and free of complexes. A new man, the model Tomas Skoloudik, is the face of this campaign and represents the new aesthetic orientation of the brand.

The technical and stylistic approach of the IMPETUS collection for the next Fall/Winter 2013/14 starts with the concept of a modern and cosmopolitan Man with a distinctive lifestyle, for whom the brand proposes a varied range in three different lines – Timeless, Trendy and Young — associated with the various phases of a man or of occasions in his day-to-day life.

In Timeless, the most timeless line of the brand, this season the brand proposes solid knits with discreet logos, prints with uniform pin stripes, waistbands with silver backgrounds, thin ribbed knits in base tones that range from black to white, wine and dark green.

In Trendy, where the stylistic component has a more relevant role, the graphic elements are reinforced, such as stripes of different widths in metallic silver tones; “ton-sur-ton” prints or done in jacquard, single colours with a satin effect in a palette of varied colours, such as classic white, blue, red, wine, and silver waistbands.

In Young, where a more vanguard character free of complexes predominates, the design of the articles exalts a dynamic masculinity through dark tones and contrasts. Here we have prints such as oversized two-colour stripes (grey and black/blue and brick red), graphisms that accentuate the morphology through colorblocking, and sportier proposals that are hemmed, doubled and sewn.

Impetus Underwear 14 101

Impetus Underwear 14 102

Impetus Underwear 14 103