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Good Devil

Good Devil underwear campaign.

Good Devil Underwear

Everyone has a good side and a devilish side and the Good Devil brand allows you to explore both. Admittedly, there is more devil than good in they products, but of course that is what makes it so fun.

Good Devil is not for the faint of heart, it’s all about sex appeal and feeling great. Good Devil’s most conservative piece is sexier than 99% of the underwear out there, so proceed with caution and only wear Good Devil if you want to look and feel sexy.

Good Devil…for those who dare.

Good Devil Suspended Pouch

The Good Devil Suspend Pouch is the next best thing to going commando.

Just a waistband and a pouch–no sides, no back, no strap–and the feeling of freedom that feels great! The pouch is made from sheer mesh that stretches to gently hold your goods, so it’s a perfect fit every-time. The waistband is extra wide to keep the whole design in place. The Good Devil Suspend Pouch is extreme minimal coverage that leaves you feeling free and sexy.