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New David Beckham’s Video Campaign by Guy Ritchie for H&M

David Beckham's new campaign was released worldwide on Feb 6. Director Guy Ritchie filmed the David Beckham Bodywear campaign for H&M. In this short video, David plays the role of an action hero with an incredible body and amazing soccer skills.

For the director Guy Ritchie, shooting this project was a lot of fun. “For me, this felt like more than a campaign – it was like directing a short film.” The entire film is just less than two minutes, but it tells an entire story with absolutely no dialogue. Basically, the campaign follows David chasing a Range Rover through his neighborhood, while wearing solely his boxer briefs. It truly is a beautiful sight, and it deserves a watch!

The experience wasn’t only thrilling for the director, but David enjoyed it as well. “Working with Guy has been a fantastic experience. I hope everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it.”

“No matter how many campaigns I do with H&M, I will never get used to seeing myself on billboards,” he said. “It’s always a surprise to me when I see them. I’m lucky to work with such great photographers and stylists, so the images are always the best they can be.”

David Beckham Bodywear at H&M

Behind the scenes at the photo shoot of David Beckham's holiday fashion collection! David talks about the inspiration coming from old time classic underwear and that he wanted to create something that can be used for years to come. Find out more about his thoughts on the collaboration with H&M.

David Beckham New Bodywear Campaign

David Beckham shares some new images from the latest campaign for his bodywear collection for H&M. Guy Ritchie directs David Beckham's H&M underwear ad.

"I am so excited about this new campaign for David Beckham Bodywear at H&M. I wanted to express the strength and quality of the David Beckham Bodywear collection with these images, and also wearability and fit. I love the range and feel so comfortable in each of the pieces. As soon as the collection was launched, it became second nature for me to wear it!" says Beckham.