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C-IN2 : Pop Color and Pop Stripes

C-IN2 Pop Color and Pop Stripes paints the town, and your underwear, in every color imagineable. The collection splashes the hippest, most vibrant colors and patterns of the season onto the most popular styles. Tops are made of extra soft Pima Cotton and bottoms offer various support and trim detailing for easy, effortless yet fashion-forward comfort that will definitely put the spotlight below your waist.

c-in2 underwear 14 10 03

c-in2 underwear 14 10 07

c-in2 underwear 14 10 02

C-IN2 : H+A+R+D Collection

C-IN2 H+A+R+D is a new take on an old school classic - the jock. The collection reinvents the jock with a bold waistband design inspired by the markings of traditional American sports innovatively placed over a ribbed Cotton body. The H+A+R+D collection is available in contrasting classic black and white as well as bold seasonal colors.

Chuck Strogish and Erasmo Viana battle for dominance in C-IN2's H+A+R+D collection.



C-IN2 : Alive in the Dead Sea

C-IN2 swimwear campaign entitled "Alive in the Dead Sea". Campaign shot by photographer Rick Day at Dead Sea, Israel.