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BoyRio Swimwear

BoyRio focuses on fit, style, and quality design which provides you a good feeling inside out.


BoyRio® is dedicated to providing men’s swimwear and underwear made from the highest quality materials and reflecting style and sophistication. BoyRio® combines the fresh “boy next door” look with the carefree style of the Brazilian spirit to create comfortable, stylish, and body flattering products.

Our collection embodies the youthful spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro and our swimwear is proudly made near the shores of Rio’s famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

We are proud to offer our consumers a distinctive line of swimwear and underwear that complements the male physique without being overly revealing. At BoyRio®, we aim to offer our consumers a high quality swimsuit that promotes their unique style, active lifestyle, and self-confidence.

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