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Agua de Coco : 2013 Swimwear Collection

Agua de Coco presents campaign for 2013 swimwear collection, featuring model Leo Peixoto photographed by Eduardo Rezende.

Agua de Coco Swimwear

Agua de Coco presents swimwear campaign photographed by Eduardo Rezende, featuring model Karim Aun.

Agua de Coco's stylish and elegant swimwear creations cater to a sophisticated audience, eager for authentic pieces with differentiated silhouettes, beautifully fashioned embellishments and unparalleled quality.

Agua de Coco 2012 Collection

Agua de Coco presents 2012 beachwear collection. The beachwear designer Liana Thomaz elected Modern Art and the various techniques as a starting point for a collection that inspires art, and parades. For summer 2012 collection, the brand went for movements in different colors of subtle elegance.