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4SKINS Pre Christmas Sale

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Review : 4SKINS Modern Classic Briefs

By Tim

The great guys down under at 4SKINS gave us a few pairs of underwear from their different lines and the first one that I tried was the Modern Classic Brief, which is is low rise with high cut legs. This pair is black but also comes in white and Modern Classic line comes in a trunks as well. It is made up of 92% Cotton, 8% spandex, and has a double layer contour pouch with a stylish logo waistband and contrast stitching around the leg openings.

The first thing that caught my eye during the first inspection was the care tag, it does not have one but instead the instructions are printed right on the inside of the fabric, this is a great idea as I dislike those irritating and aggravating tags that need to be cut out.
Good Job!

I have now worn these a couple of times and normally I am not big on low rise cuts when I wear to work as I do a lot of walking and stair climbing and the feeling of low rise gets bothersome to me. But with 4SKINS, I do not even feel them and feel great all day, the guys over at 4SKINS wanted their product to be a second skin, and they did that perfectly.

This pair contours to the body and the pouch gives perfect support, I enjoy wearing these, the feel of the fabric is gentle and they do not ride up and not much adjustments have to be made through out the day.

The material is very breathable and keeps you cool, 4SKINS has also added “ODOR CONTROL” which means they have treated the fibers with neutralizer which attracts, isolates and neutralizes unwanted smells immediately. With that said I have nothing to write on this as you can imagine what I would have to ask of someone, good luck.

These are a wonderful everyday, all activity underwear which is well made from high quality material. I would suggest having many 4SKINS in your collection, I know I’m glad to have added to mine and I can not wait to wear the other pairs I have for these reviews.

Thanks 4SKINS, superb underwear!

The size of this is Medium 32 – 34inch, and fit perfectly, so the 4SKINS sizing chart is spot on.

The price of this pair 4SKINS Modern Classic Brief is normally $24.79 but get 20% off with coupon code MUW, that’s $19.83 for a great pair of high quality undies and for that price buy more then one.

Check these and all the other lines down under at 4SKINS.

4SKINS : Fine Stripes Collection

4SKINS presents New Fine Stripes Underwear Collection for 2011. Fine Stripes Collection is made from luxurious
Egyptian Cotton /Spandex. It's super soft and super comfy. Available with and without printed tag line on the back.

4SKINS Underwear

4SKINS is a cheeky Australian underwear brand that was launched in September 2010. The name has a cheeky undertone that no one can forget but at the same time the true meaning of 4SKINS is the 4 different skin colours White, Black, Yellow & Brown of the world, uniting all cultures together.

The designs are inspired by the natural contour of the human body by incorporating clean and crisp lines, hence, 4SKINS exudes a sensual sense of style and sophistication. 4SKINS strives to provide the most comfortable garment to the end user making the experience unforgettable. Think 4SKINS as your second skin.

Odor Control Underwear

4SKINS were the first in the market introducing underwear with Neutralizer odor control technology. Attracts, isolates, and neutralizes odors immediately, Keeps you fresh and confident, Allows fabric to breathe naturally, Maintains performance over time, Retains its natural softness. Available in both Modern Classic and Contrast Range.

2016 Christmas Giveaway Participating Brands And Sponsors:

| 2(x)ist | Addicted | Andrew Christian | Cocksox | Doreanse | Ginch Gonch |

| Gregg Homme | International Jock | Mensuas | Mr Davis | N2N Bodywear | Rufskin |